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Blaze of Incompetence (Reissue)

by 16



released November 9, 2010

Relapse Records



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16 Los Angeles, California

-(16)- is a sludge metal band from Los Angeles, California that is currently signed to Relapse Records.
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Track Name: Asian Heat
It's a grey place
Most of it blacked out
Sucked of life
I need to unwind
Let's go blind
I need to unwind
Let's go blind

Nothing really matters to me
Boring laughter, boring hate
Inhale-exhale poisons all day
How much more of this can I take?

This is not an exit

Look at my face
Most of it caved in
Sucked of life
I need to unwind
Let's go blind
I need to unwind

This is not an exit

Track Name: Burning Sensation
Kids just want to follow
Path of his addiction
Safe inside the bottle
In back of all this tar

Outcome? Digest
Push down-ingest

I wish it wasn't me
I wish I couldn't see

Save your intervention
Let me find the handle
There's no resurrection
In back of all this tar

Bitches cry
Their kids died
Bitches lie
He goes deep

I wish it wasn't me
I wish I couldn't see
I can't feel a thing
I can't feel a thing
Track Name: Flaming Head-On Train Wreck
Twitch carve choke
Guns booze porn
Ass grass kill
Life's just a dream
Life's just a dream

Road rage

Cops suck cock
Neuter black smoke
Pills thrush love
Life's just a dream
Life's just a dream
Track Name: Rob Someone
Regret? I don't think so
Revenge? You fucking bet
Payback's a fucking bitch
Vengeance no one's forgot

I mix it with excrement
And now I'm ignoring you
Help me
Fuck me
That pig was my enemy
Cut me
Break me
That bitch is gonna die for me

Don't bring my body back to life
Raised in denial and taking a drive
Don't bring my body back to life
Slipping away to Heaven's eyes
Heaven's eyes

Cops don't do anything
But bitch
Track Name: Thiothixene
See what I mean?
Keep me in the streets
I don't care about me
You don't care

What did you teach?
Nothing that I've used
You don't care about me
And I don't care

I think I've had enough
Track Name: Glowing Bowl
But not for long
Stoned and poor
All time is gone

Wading through thick tar
White trash with open sores
Body parts in a jar
White trash with open sores

Double-barreled trauma

But negativity
On my side of town
And this black cloud
Keeps following me around

Double-barreled trauma


Something go my way
Nothing goes my way

Double-barreled trauma
Track Name: A Real Piece Of Work
Perfectly balanced
A chip on each shoulder
Full time drinker
Gulf War Syndrome
Bringing me down
Part time lunatic
Drive me to drink
Smothered my dreams
With one hopeless future

Light up, get high
Who cares

Cursed by happiness
Sulking and whining
I'd rather be drinking
Ruined by porn
Screwing my eyes
Full time pothead
Automatic weapons
Keepin' me hard
Fucking broken record

I hate the cops
I hate the courts
Track Name: Wash Me
Blue water rising
To my ankles
Then my knees
Cold water boiling
On my fingers
And my teeth

I can't run

Buried alive
The time
It flies

Crushed children screaming
Broken fingers and broken teeth
Track Name: Drinkin' Strychnine
Something has gone wrong
Things aren't supposed to be
About living
In poverty and pain
Tell me, what will be done?
This shit will never change
Share some pills
Into me

How does this fucking feel?
Relieve the pressure

We did some lines
He lost his sleeve
It wasn't me
That lost my sleeve

He lost his sleeve
How does it feel?
He lost his sleeve
This can't be real
Track Name: Ride The Snake
No more torture
No more fuck you

Everything I see
Fucking enrages me
The twisted lives you lead
Fuels my hostility

I rate, I hate
I can't relate

Destroy your fucked up world
Destroy your fucked up mind
Drugs and booze, I lose
Reality denied

No more torture
No more fuck you
Track Name: Sleep Forever
I can't wait until that magical moment
When I watch this fucking town burn down

You'll never be anything
Weakness and insecurity
Destined for fucking failure
Scared of this reality

Please somebody shoot me
Put me out of my misery
Please expire
Hatred burns through my veins
It's not just you
It's humanity

Break down and cry
I don't remember why
Peeled back of everything
Life's frustration and decay
Terrified of everybody
Now I must destroy you

Break down and cry
I wish you'd fucking die